MJR Enterprises Corporation has an extensive background and years of practical application in the security transparency for architectural and transportation as well as the aerospace transparency industry.

MJR Enterprises Corporation offers polyurethane interlayers in many configurations for the lamination of glass/glass, glass to plastic and plastic to plastic. We offer polycarbonate sheet products which are uncoated and coated one-side-only for ballistic anti-spall applications. We also supply all products for vacuum bag laminations as well as the equipment such as autoclaves.

In these times of uncertain security, MJR Enterprises Corporation has focused their efforts to supplying products, materials and technical expertise for the lamination of ballistic and attack resistant transparencies.

We offer only the finest products which are proven in the industry. In this, MJR Enterprises Corporation has the ability to offer suggestions to improve processes, production, optimization and cost reduction. Our experience, combined with our knowledgeable staff will make your material purchases go as smooth as possible.