In order to produce high quality, distortion free, and optically clear bullet resistant glass, whether flat or curved, you need the right combination of raw materials. Here, MJR Enteprises Corp has a global advantage, let us help you figure out which are the correct raw materials for your bullet nextresistant project.

  • Polyurethane Interlayers - Engineered to adhere to dissimilar materials such as glass/polycarbonate, available in various widths.
  • Polycarbonate Sheets – High optical clarity, Coated one side or Uncoated, UV Stable, available in various widths.
  • Edge Seal - Camouflages and prevents moisture and contaminants from delaminating the final security transparency.
  • Anti Spall Film - Thin film composed of Polyurethane and Polyester which prevents spalling of glass fragments.
  • Vacuum Bagging Materials
  • Nylon Vacuum Bagging Film
  • Breathers/Bleeders
  • Release Films and Fabrics
  • Sealant Tape
  • Flash Tape
  • Tacky Cleaning Roller Systems
  • Tacky floor mats for clean room environments

Have a question regarding a dimension or brand? Contact us, our staff will gladly assist you.