MJR Enterprises Corp is not just a supplier of raw materials for laminating transparent armor, we are consultants as well. This is what differentiates us from others in the industry, know-how. Give us a try, we will surprise you.

After you have contacted MJR regarding your next bullet resistant project, we will assess your situation as follows:

Whether it is a one-time project or you are planning on producing bullet resistant glass long term, MJR will help you with this. We have made a presence in the automotive industry, architectural industry, and aerospace industry.

Are you trying to produce flat bullet resistant glass or curved bullet resistant glass? Are you trying to pass a specific test? MJR Enterprises Corp. Knows exactly how to produce flat and curved bullet resistant glass and is capable of assisting you on how meet any standard available.
There are a variety of different raw materials available in the market; do you have the right ones? Are you paying competitive prices? MJR Enterprises Corp has strong relationships with manufacturers all over the world and has worked hands on with their materials. We know exactly which materials maintain their physical properties and which don’t, MJR Enterprises will guide you to the ideal and correct material selection.
Are you aware how to work the raw materials and maximize and maintain their properties? After we have identified the necessary materials that suit your needs we will teach you how to work these products.
Producing bullet and attack resistant glass is the easy part, producing high quality, distortion free, and optically clear bullet resistant glass, is another thing. There are a variety of factors that can affect the optical quality of bullet resistant glass such as: raw material application, autoclave settings, contamination, distortion, delamiantion, breakage and many others. MJR Corp. will help you eliminate these from your process.

MJR Enterprises will guide you every step of the way to producing the highest quality bullet resistant glass. We are leaders in the industry and have numerous content customers all over the world. Let MJR Enterprises help you with your current or next bullet resistant project, contact us.